Experimental evidence of non-classical brain functions
Exploring unknown quantum systems is an experimental challenge. Recent proposals exploring quantum gravity have suggested circumventing this problem by considering the unknown system as a mediator between two known systems. If such a mediation can locally generate entanglement in the known systems,…
Complexity analysis of heartbeat-related signals in Brain MRI time series as a potential biomarker for ageing and cognitive performance
There are multiple magnet resonance imaging (MRI) based approaches to studying the ageing brain. Getting older affects both the structure of the brain and our cognitive capabilities, but there is still no solid evidence on how ageing influences the mechanisms underlying the MRI signal. Here, we appl…
Are Qualia Reducible, Physical Entities?
Controversial hypotheses to explain consciousness exist in many fields of science, psychology and philosophy. Recent experimental findings in quantum cognition and magnetic resonance imaging have added new controversies to the field, suggesting that the mind may be based on quantum computing. Quantu…

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Nichts als Qubits im Kopf haben (Having quantum computing in mind) Christian Kerskens in Künstliche Intelligenz mit Bewusstsein? Statements 2022, accepted

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Quantum Biology
Functional roles for quantum physics in biological activities relevant to consciousness have been proposed, for example in microtubules in the Penrose-Hameroff theory of ‘orchestrated objective reduction’ (‘Orch OR’). If feasible, quantum computation, entanglement and unitary coherence of states of…

Talk at the Big Quantum Bio meeting, 10.02.2022. Please find a draft version of the slides below. I will update them eventually.


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