How to measure unknown brain functions

In our recent paper in Journal of Physics Communications, we employed an idea, which was developed for experiments to prove the existence of quantum gravity. The basic idea is that an unknown quantum system may mediate entanglement to a known system, which then can be measured. If the known system entangles, then the unknown system must also be quantum. This method would overcome the difficulties to measure the small graviton directly.
This approach is transferable to brain functions which aren't small like the graviton, but also difficult to measure in the conscious aware brain. Similar to graviton, we don't know if they are quantum and if yes, how they work.
For our brain experiments, we used proton spins of the brain water as the known systems, hoping that those spins would entangle.
Using this experimental design, we found MRI signals which resemble so-called heartbeat evoked potentials. Electrophysiological potentials like the heartbeat evoked potentials are normally not detectable with MRI. A closer analysis suggested that we could only observe those signals in special experimental design because the nuclear proton spins in the brain were entangled. That means that brain processes must have interacted with the nuclear spins, mediating the entanglement between the nuclear spins. If that is the case, then those brain function must be quantum. Since, these brain function were also correlated to short-term memory performance and conscious awareness, it is likely that those quantum processes are part of cognitive and conscious brain functions from which we conclude that the brain may use quantum computation.
If our results can be confirmed, it would impact our general understanding of the brain, the way it may work or even how it can be maintained or healed.
It may also guide to new technologies to build more advanced quantum computers.
Now, we will be looking for interdisciplinary discussions, and we are hoping to find further funding for additional experiments which could confirm our results.

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