In 2013, David Lopez and I discovered some weird MRI signals. When I saw the time series data, I knew immediately that those signals were generated by something we couldn't explain with conventional MRI physics.

Around 6 years earlier, I had started thinking about quantum brain processes. For me, it was clear from the beginning that a quantum brain is not restricted to microscopic processes. Instead, I believe the quantum brain works far beyond Planck's constant.

Therefore, I was thinking about alternative quantum models in 2013 which were based around the Fokker-Planck equation. I knew the Fokker-Planck equation well because I had used it previously in my PhD thesis to quantify cerebral blood perfusion. And of course, the Fokker-Planck equation can be transferred into a Schrödinger equation.

Having quantum in mind, David and I collected some more data to get a cohesive story together. However, we realized rather quickly that no one others than esoterics believe in macroscopic quantum brain mechanics.

We were confronted with an enormous respect for quantum mechanics. It seems that quantum mechanics has become untouchable and somehow "holy". Of course, the success of quantum mechanics can't be overlooked, but it was developed for non-relativistic closed systems. Why should quantum mechanics not work in open systems?

Quantum theories for biology have to step away from that thinking; biology is not a closed system. It also isn't classical. Why isn't it classical? Because if it was, we could easily explain what life or consciousness is.

Here, we want to promote the idea that life is quantum beyond Planck's constant. We will include in our discussion what hadn't had much space in science yet; consciousness. Why would anybody leave it out in a unified theory? If physics intends to unify their laws, consciousness must be in there. And against all odds, only because we can't explain it, doesn't make it unscientific. It is the other way around. To leave it out shows that we miss something essential.

In the following, I will present my collection of thoughts around quantum biology, quantum brain and mind etc.